Wow! The GAM personal guide is now available in English!

«My Personal Guide. Gaining Autonomy & Medication in Mental Health» is a tool created for you. It sets out a process that will help you ask questions and reflect on your state of health, medication and environment.

Gaining Autonomy & Medication (GAM) in mental health is a process an approach combining reflection and action that allows you to tackle questions regarding your medication, health and environment during different periods. This approach can involve a number of actors (loved ones, peers, practitioners, health care professionals, community organizations) who can guide and support you in your search for information and alternatives, and who can also help you make decisions. GAM is one of the tools you can use to take control of your life. It’s designed to improve your quality of life; it’s not an end in itself.

It is dangerous to start or stop taking psychiatric medication, or to reduce the dosage, without seeking the advice or supervision of a qualified health care professional, and without taking all necessary precautions.